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Join us this March to promote and celebrate volunteering through various activities in Zagreb.



Zagreb Volunteer Festival is the celebration and promotion of volunteering - value, what it brings to communities and how to get involved. Additionally, Festivol is an opportunity for visitors to find out what is hidden in the words of volunteering - what volunteers do, why they volunteered, how many active volunteers there are in Zagreb, what kind of influence they make in the local community, their gain in volunteering and how to get involved volunteer activity.


We will bring volunteering and volunteers into the center of attention - make them visible to society. Listen to volunteer stories, stories of organizations that offer volunteer activities and say thank you.



Festivol is a great opportunity not only for visitors interested in volunteering, but also for organizations that create volunteering opportunities to show what they offer and how people can join and participate in creating a better world.


The main goals of the festival are:


  • Stimulate people's awareness of volunteering opportunities;

  • To make volunteering more visible / easier to access/show how many people and what they do as volunteers;

  • Promoting informal education;

  • networking + visibility of NGOs;

  • Celebrate Volunteering;

  • Show what volunteering means to potential participants individually and what they can get from it


The festival is scheduled to be held in Studentski Centar in the weekend of 23rd and 24th of March. We plan to do a series of activities at the weekend, a non-governmental fair, a discussion forum/discussion, workshops prepared by partner non-governmental organizations and us.


We are looking for partners (NGOs) for this event. We would like you to become part of our festival where you will have the opportunity to promote your non-governmental organization and work together.

We offer you the opportunity to:

- Participate in a non-governmental organization's fair. Your own stand (or any other form or represent it)

- Workshops run by your team.


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